AlephModular, a project based on Marathon 2 source code released by Bungie Studios, seeks to bring Marathon into the present by making it clean, stable, and modular.

Project News

11 Jan 2005 — Bungie has released the Marathon Trilogy free of charge. This means you can now download the Marathon 2 data files for use with AlephModular. Perfect for developing (or just playing) on your new Mac Mini!

08 Jul 2004 — Marathon 2 had the ability to play QuickTime movies before beginning the first level of a map file. This feature is now abstracted into a new CMovies class, outside of the Mac code.

24 Dec 2003 — Happy holidays! We just committed a Plist-based preferences system to a new branch in the code. This prefs system uses standard XML to store preferences, making it compatible with any platform that can handle text. The new branch requires the expat XML library to compile.

05 Oct 2003 — The display abstraction code has been landed on the main trunk. This effectively ends the dependence on Mac code for almost all of the drawing in AM.

23 Sep 2003 — Work continues on the display abstraction branch of the project. Recent conquered territory includes fonts, text handling, and drawing. The overhead map code is completely platform-independent, and the HUD/terminal are on their way there. Next up: working Picture resources into CBitmaps to put a stake through them.

09 Mar 2003 — An interim (pre-0.4) version has been released. Among other small changes, it is important because of performance benefits yielded from display enhancements landed in the current development branch.

11 Feb 2003 — The first major abstraction code has been landed. It deals with file manipulation; the loading and saving of films, saved games, etc.

20 Jan 2003 — ...that didn't take long. Version 0.3 is out. Check out the news post and release notes and download now! This version fixes a lot of bugs in 0.2, but mainly consists of changes "under the hood."

19 Jan 2003 — The next release of AlephModular, 0.3, draws near. Also added a link to the Marathon Vidmaster Challenge, which contains lots of M2 films. These can be used to verify AM's compatibility with Marathon 2; the films should playback nearly identically between the two apps.

07 Jan 2003 — The AlephModular home page looks great and loads quickly in Apple's new Safari Web browser. Also try Camino if you want a fast, Gecko-based Cocoa browser.

06 Jan 2003 — Alexander Strange has submitted autoconf, automake, and configure files for AlephModular, thus taking the first steps toward unix builds.

30 Dec 2002 — The AlephModular FAQ and CVS how-to have been posted.

23 Dec 2002 — Most discussion about AlephModular occurs on the development mailing list. Jeremy Parsons, lead AM developer, discusses progress toward the 0.3 release, and lays out goals for 0.4 and beyond: Read his post here, or join the development list.

21 Dec 2002 — Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Web site! The site uses XHTML 1.1 with CSS2 for layout and styling.

12 Dec 2002 — The AlephModular CVS repository has been imported into SourceForge. To check out the code via anonymous CVS, see How to Checkout AM from CVS. You can also use the Web interface to browse the repository.

09 Dec 2002 — AlephModular 0.2 is now available. View the release notes and download the build. This should be considered a developer preview release. It runs on Mac OS X 10.2.x and requires the Marathon 2 data files (Shapes, Map, etc). Note that parts of it are non-functional, such as the mouse, networking, and music.